Friday, June 28, 2013

uhh, photos

O'fallon is weird. Cap'n!

Chinese food and comics.

 Boneless, baby! 
photo by booger

Record Store Day

Nee at Euclid Records. 4/20/13

Free poster, baby!


 oh yeah!

The crowd enjoying Stonechat.

Stonechat cd release show. 4/20/13

photo by madame king

 Beabout shreddin'!



 This guy got squashed. Just kidding!

DQ baby!

This lady always looks mad.

Life rules!

Laura Stevenson at The Firebird. 3/19/13

Blue Hawaii at Plush. 4/6/13 
thanks for the pic king!

Lions Eat Grass practice and photo shoot. Then an exclusive interview!

 Cowboy at Foam. 4/16/13
with Willis, Magia Negra, and Cinema Verite

Magia Negra

 I don't remember taking this. Not bad.

 Willis at Foam. The Vanilla Beans cd release show. 4/26/13
Carte de Visite also played this.


 True love.

The Vanilla Beans


 Backstage with Willis!!!!
photo by king me

 Katy took my camera.

Nice one, girls! Sneaky Jedi.

"Who's ready to party?"

Deep Sea Diver at The Firebird. 5/1/13
with Carte de Visite and Wax Wine

 Post-graduation shreddage with Marty. 
50-50 boneless out!

 I can't stop throwing up peace signs!
pix by j patches.

 Marty getting a butt shot.
fs ride to fakie while holding on to the coping? 

 Monster Nerds.

 Kreepy King

 Slingshot Dakota at Chromozone. 5/11/13


 He made this shirt! Cross-eyed!
Thanks for the pic Jane!


 "Wait, I think my eyes were closed."

 True love.

Trash Cat!

 Patrick Cadaver (Kablamo?) at ITR. 5/18/13
with Per Aspera, Bedroom Sons, 3 of 5

3 of 5

 Katy took my camera, again.

 Acky's arm!

 Screw showers! Pogo in your room to the Empire Records soundtrack!

 Our Lady at Foam. 6/4/13
with I Could Sleep In The Clouds, ex wife, Carte de Visite

 I don't remember taking this one either! Not bad.

ex wife

"Rocko's got a squirrel!!!"

 Lizards Have Personalities at Lemp. 6/8/13
with Anodes, Mids
Sorry Andrew!

Kowabunga! Kid at Chromozone. 6/9/13
with Cal and The Calories, Times Beach, and Dino Bravo

 Dino Bravo

 Phuckey summer. 213. Cross-eyed forever.