Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog It Up, Blog It In!


High Places at The Old Post Office Plaza in St. Louis. 8/20/11
This was a free show put on by The Luminary Center for the Arts.
Ra Cailum opened for them.

Listen to their music here!

Ume at the firebird in St. Louis. 10/28/11
I really like their Sunshower EP. They have a new album called Phantoms.

Watch this and skate!!!

Eleanor Friedberger at The Luminary Center for the Arts. 10/28/11
Pretty Little Empire played this show too.
Stream her album from Merge Records here!

Memoryhouse at the Old Rock House in St. Louis. 11/9/11

I love this band. Here's their tumblr.
Their Caregiver 7" is one of my favorites! 
This is their latest release.

French Fry Guys flopped at Lemmons. 11/19/11
With NRML PPL, Tight Bros, Vacation, and The Haddonfields.

My new cd that took way too long to make, but i'm glad it's done.

Eric Donahoe bs flip

Jeremy Phengsavathdy 360 flip

Jeremy nosebonk

Stormy 50-50


Josh Randle and Eric crailgrabs

Jeremy 50-50

Support local shizz!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanks For The Board Rhino #3

I took about 10 black and white copies of the zine to Jolly Roger, along with some Burger Boards stickers and buttons. You can snag one for free there, or get a copy with a mixtape from me for $1 or trade!