Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skate Photos and Stuff

35mm and disposable camera photos i've taken. Some by other people.

fs 50-50 

no comply





Homies. Photo by John Birkner.

Ryan Birkner fs feeble. Photo by John Birkner.

Self portrait for photography class. 2009.

Free Axion shoes from Kyle Nicholson at Kingshighway. Photo by Cristian Mundloch.

50-50 back in my prime. Photo by John Birkner.

Photos John took for his photography class. 8th grade driveway session?

Driving to shred. Photo by Christian

Boardslide in Vandalia. Photo by Christian.

Blake Starr. Ollie to manual.

50-50 fs 180 out. Photo by Christian.

ollie. photo by Christian

Nosegrind. Photo by Blake Starr.

Smith. Photo by Josh Randle.

fs boardslide. Photo by Christian.

Yeah Right while drinking tea and flipping off the camera. Photo by Christian.

bs flip. Photo by John.

fs feeble




fs lipslide

Night Sessions

"This spot sucks, let's get out of here."

"Take a picture of me and my camera."

Christian Mundloch ollie to rock and roll?


St. Louis Shreddin'

Manual. Finger in the lens part 2!

"The video is finally done."

T Bone

Adam Jobin flootplant.

Josh Randle. Photo by Christian.

Photo by Christian.

Photo by Josh Randle.

Josh hangin' at Kingshighway.

Stormy fs 180

Stormy 360 flip attempts resulted in a broken board.

Jeremy Phengsavathdy bs 180.

fs lipslide

fs 50-50

fs 50-50

fs feeble

Dakota Robertson boardslide to fakie.

Jesse Palmer 360 shuv taildrop.

Jeremy fs 50-50

Aaron Woodson noseslide

Jesse bs 50-50

Justin Hays tailslide. maybe to fakie? Photo by John Birkner.

Justin nosemanual fs grab. Photo by John.

Michael Loufek bluntslide noseslide?

Michael half cab flip

Skatepark Lurkers

Josh Cooper kickflip

Justin ollie trashcan attempt

Matt Dudrey ollie



Erik Wolfe primo master!

Brandon Galanti bluntslide

some kid at the skatepark. ollie

hippy jump

some guy at Kingshighway. fs board transfer.

BK and Pochek

Brendan Kitterman fs bluntslide.

Erik Meyer ollie


Woody's Skatepark. Savannah, GA.