Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Issue #4 + videos and pictures

Holy crap!

Holy moley!

Holy cow!

Holy mackerel!

Moly cannoli!

Holy Matter!

Holy Holy!

Holy Hell!

Pomegranates at the firebird. 8-19-12

Stonechat at The Victory Room. 8-20-12?

Little Big League at Blank Space. 9-16-12

Psychic Twin at Foam. 9-25-12

Kites at Foam.

Tennis at Off Broadway. 9-27-12

Cinema Verite at The Gramophone. 10-6-12

Pomegranates at the firebird. 10-7-12

The Dodos at the firebird. 10-7-12

Strand of Oaks at Off Broadway. 10-11-12

Bowerbirds at Off Broadway.

Frances With Wolves at Off Broadway. 10-12-12

SeaKings at The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. 10-12-12

Vio/Mire at Lemp. 10-12-12

Kites at Lemp.

The Sea and Cake at The Luminary Center of the Arts. 10-28-12

Damien Jurado at the firebird. 11-5-12

Sharon Van Etten at the firebird. 

Jeff The Brotherhood at The Pageant. 11-15-12

Delta Spirit at The Pageant.

Hear Hums at Lemp. 11-18-12



shuv it!

A few months before I heard they were closing.
I was so young and happy. The strawberry cup cakes are really bad. 
Ding Dongs forever.

Lumpy gettin' busy!

618 > 314

Stray cat playing with leaves. Mondo pettage!