Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Days

I'm listening to too much Spin Doctors. Issue #4 is in the works. 

Mark Linkous is Sparklehorse.
part 2 is missing.

"Waiting For Nothing"

3/19/12 at the firebird.

"I Can't Handle Change"

"Holy Ghost"

"The Healthy One"

"Master of Art"

Corporate States of America
3/30/12 at Foam.

"Cheer Up"

Dem Scientist

The Vanilla Beans

"I'm Not Gonna Take It"

Issue 3.5

Rhino, ollie lumpy. Photo by cap'n.

Lumpy, indy.

Lumpy, kickflip.

3/31/12 at The Luminary Center of the Arts.

"Baby Missiles"

"For You"


Zak Sutton, footplant to fakie. 

Visionary Apparel

Trauma Harness
4/21/12 at APOP records. Record store day.

Erik eating a cookie.

Again while a band plays.



Tony, caveman.

5/14/12 at El Lenador.

Vanna Inget



5/17/12 at The Gramophone.

"The Kids Were Wrong"

6/4/12 at the Pageant.


Guy throwin up the horns.

"Simple Song"

6/9/12 at the firebird.

"Friends of Friends"

Rhino, polejam. Photos by Frausty.

Wild Nothing
7/11/12 at the Pageant.

"Master of None"

"Heart of Chambers"


7/17/12 at the Pageant.

"Please Concrete"


"No Intention"

You're Not Kablamo
7/29/12 at Ben's old house. Mikey's last show with YNK.

Josh Raymond

Dem Scientist
7/30/12 at Cheddr Den.

"Grass Stain"


Flyer by cap'n.

8/1/12 at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.

8/2/12 at El Lenador.

"I Don't Mind It"


"It All Means Nothing"

Martin Meyer, boardslide.

Burger Boards video in progress.