Monday, March 4, 2013

Gettin' Things Done In 213!

Autonomy. PK's in Carbondale. 1-10-13

McDonald's in Pinckneyville. 5am. 1-11-13

Run, Forever. Blank Space in St. Louis. 1-14-13

This sometimes works.

Stonechat. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in St. Louis. 1-27-13
Sorry I missed your head Sean.

Bobby Graebe

French Fry Guys going to the comic book store and grocery store.

R.I.P. Cheddr Den

Going up to Champaign to record Cinema Verite jams. 2-12-13

Listening to Fragile Farm on the way there.

Neighborhood cat.
Likes being pet, doesn't like being held.

Captain Dingus

Acreage. Bunkroom in Collinsville. 2-22-13

Willis! Foam in St. Louis. 3-2-13

Carte de Visite post show hangage. Denny's in O'fallon. 3-3-13